Above Top Secret Engineer Blows Lid Off Reverse Engineered Alien Technology

The first objective in the military recovery of foreign vehicles is to examine the vehicle for new and advanced technology with a view toward reproducing that technology through devising methods of fabrication and manufacturing. If this technology comes from another off-world culture, the objective has an even higher priority as such a culture has demonstrated a feat beyond the capability of our own technology.

The alleged recovery of a flying disk near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947 has sparked discussions, opinions, and reports that the U.S. Army and Air Force studied the remnants of the disk, especially the methods and modes of its propulsion with the intent of “reverse engineering” the advanced technology found in the alien craft. Is it even possible to comprehend such advanced technology much less attempt to duplicate its function? We will examine these possibilities in this video and try to sum up what has been learned to date.